To say that I am completely spellbinded and mesmerised by nature is an understatement. There is something so enchanting about the forest & the sea. Sometimes I have conversations with plants (like Yayoi Kusama had hallucinations about flowers). We all know nature has the ability to over power the breaths of human kind. Don't be scared of this connection, for it is all we have to remind us of our original path and purpose as human beings. 

I believe that all our answers lie within nature, it is our purpose to find those answers, and follow our instincts to guide us into the right path or direction. 

My personal photography & professional business, both solely rely on my happiness and connection to nature. I find myself in a negative frame of mind if I haven't had some time to myself in nature, the importance of silence before a busy day of photography is vital to the success of my work as an artist & professional. Take some time out in nature, walk barefoot on the grass, let your hair out in the sun, close your eyes & open your arms wide - you won't regret it. 

Love Cassandra x  

From today...  

From today...