I am so glad that I started focusing my energy into shooting Weddings, I realised that I truly loved being a part of such a special day - (seriously, nothing compares to it!) 
It is a day that is the start of a new Adventure.... and I am lucky enough to capture it. 
There's something magical about getting so close & intimate with a couple and their families. 
From being strangers, to becoming a huge part of their Wedding Day, to wishing them well, and giving them something they'll remember for the rest of their lives. It's surreal. 

I recently got Engaged myself while we were away in Greece & Turkey, and I definitely have a pretty good idea about what I'd like out of my Wedding day. Esspecially when it's a very expensive day. I know exactly what my Photographer is capable of, and I know that I would gladly trust them. My question is, do you?

I've had the privilege of shooting alongside some pretty talented Photographers, they have taught me things that I would have never learnt if I didn't get out there and contact them myself. They taught me some things I'd like to share with you. 

I've been a part of Weddings where my style or approach didn't match with the Videographer, or I've been the Videographer (yes, I have done a few!), and my style didn't match with the Photographers'.... it's a difficult task choosing a Team who is right for you and suits the flow of your day. 

What I've learnt is that, you should be familiar with both the Photographers' & Videographers' work, and make sure that they compliment each other. It's happened to me a few times, perhaps it's because I am not bossy/intrusive on the day. My shots have been ruined, due to the other creative taking up all the given time/directing everything themselves, and the Couple lost their initial buzz. It's something that really isn't discussed in the industry, because I guess people are too scared to address it, but it is SO important. Messing with the flow of creativity does not end well. Allocate enough time for Video + Photos, don't cut it short.

Secondly, it is definitely worth investing your money on a GREAT Photographer/Videographer. Instead of a PhotoBooth or something else you can go without on the day, invest in a creative you know you'll get along with, and who will do their best to capture moments you thought wouldn't be possible. Do you want someone who bosses you around? Or do you want someone who lets things unfold organically, with small amounts of direction? Do you like 'posed' magazine photos? Or do you like candid moments filled with laughter and silly behaviour? It's really up to you, but breaking the Wedding Photography Tradition is becoming a phenomenon... and it's clear to see why. 

Thirdly, make sure your creatives have studied professionally. I'm serious. Some creatives think studying is unnecessary, as a practical career cannot be taught in the classroom. This is untrue.
My Degree was the best thing that happened to me and my career. Not only did I learn the practical side of Photography at my own pace, I also learnt the conceptual ways of thinking and creating art. It's not something you can teach yourself. It is something that comes after years of reading, analysing and discussing creative work and ideas. You develop you're own style, and approach, and you take that with you to places  you thought you'd never go - for me, it was Weddings. 

Lastly, make sure you've met with the creatives in person before the big day, or even before you pay your deposit. This is something that explains itself, and I am pretty sure every creative follows this rulebook. Do your research on them & their work before the Meeting. What do they like doing? Did they study? Did you get along with them in person? Was there something that you didn't like? What is it about them/their work that you like? Are there any details that you want them to know? Don't be shy, ask away! Questions are the best. They really do bridge the initial gap in a catchup/meeting, and they mellow things down.

I hope these are helpful hints to finding a Creative Team that compliments your relationship with your partner, and the flow of your ideal day. It is so important to choose the right people, you ony get Married once!

Love C xx