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Episode 10: Tips to Kickstart Your Successful Business!

With your Host, Cassandra Catic

Welcome to Episode 10 of Blossom for Each Day Podcast.

Today marks Episode 10 of the Podcast… starting this journey in August, and coming from a background of Photography, I was familiar with the programs, and audio recording, however it has still been a learning curve for me, I have had to dive out of my zone of comfort, and put my voice out there for the world to hear. I have loved the challenge so far, and aim to keep it up in the months and years to come!!!!

Today’s Episode is not an interview, I decided I wanted to create a conversation for all the business owners out there. Those who are either just starting out in business, or are transitioning into their business full time. I am going to start from simple Tips, and move into refined Tips that have helped me save money, and increase my cash-flow in business over the years.

In our conversation we discuss...

  • The Law of Attraction
  • Manifesting what you want in business
  • Tip 1: Don’t rush into it, and at the same time, there is no such thing as perfect timing
  • Tip 2: Mindset is Everything
  • Tip 3: Become friends with your Profit & Loss
  • Tip 4: Use a Credit Card for all your expenses
  • Tip 5: Outsource Small Tasks so you can focus on what you’re good at
  • & more!

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If you liked listening, please rate & review my podcast on Apple Podcasts or your preferred podcast provider. Produced by Blossom Daisy Creative Pty Ltd. You can listen to Episode 9 here.

Note: Tip 1 & Tip 4 are mostly relevant to Australian Business Owners as they directly relate to ATO guidelines and Credit Card Suppliers. I am also not a Tax Professional and take no responsibility for actions or decisions that occur to individuals who listen to this episode.

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