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Episode 11: Flowers, Styling and Positive Parcels with Tori Allen Events

Tori Wood, the creator of Melbourne Styling Empire: Tori Allen Events

Welcome to Episode 11 of Blossom for Each Day Podcast. I am excited to share with you ‘Flowers, Styling and Positive Parcels with Tori Allen Events’ (mentioned as TAE below).

Tori Allen Events started from humble beginnings, Tori created it in her first home after she discovered her passion for floristry and creative career  as a Visual Merchandiser at Manon Bis in Melbourne, Tori threw herself in the business deep end. Quickly, what she thought would be a pop up store, became a styling empire. Tori is someone who can adapt, inspire, and manifest, anything she puts her mind to. Her team of creatives include florists, designers and creative directors.... who are all artists and business makers in their own right.

The TAE team have a timelessly warm and elegant touch to each event, where it be a Wedding, Corporate, Commercial Activation or Design, they work in full circle, involved in each step of the process, and coming together to put the brief to life. Last year they expanded to Sydney, and in recent times, Tori and her team have created another Empire known as 'Positive Parcels', delivering curated parcels & flower arrangements, Creating positivity through the community & flipping the narrative to help hundreds of people spread love to those who need it most during the pandemic.

I was first commissioned to photograph one of their stunning events in 2016, and we have worked together ever since! Photographing Weddings, Activations, Branding for ‘Positive Parcels’, and recently, a beautiful home portrait session with Tori and her family, celebrating Mother’s Day. Tori is someone who leads her team into success, and I am so grateful to have the opportunity to work with the TAE team over the years. 

In our conversation we discuss...

  • Tori's early years and how she discovered her passion of floristry & styling
  • A glimpse into a few magical events the TAE team have created 
  • How Tori has led her team of 10 wonderfully talented creative staff to stay inspired & continue to push boundaries during this time
  • Positive Parcels, how the idea manifested, it's purpose and it's catchy & fun vibe!
  • How motherhood has shaped her approach over the years
  • & so much more!

    I hope you like our conversation <3

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Discussion Links:
Tori Allen Events Website
Tori Allen Events Instagram
Positive Parcels Website
Positive Parcels Instagram
Our amazing shoot when Tori opened the new Office Space!
A Wedding we have worked on together!
Another Wedding we have worked on together!!
(full gallery yet to be released, this wedding was also the last one before the pandemic in March 2020).


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