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          Donna Askew of Found Styled

          Established in 2014, Foundstyled is a freelance styling consultancy established by Donna Askew. Donna loves to style, whether it’s people, fashion, products, places or spaces. People often ask what a styling consultant does and really the answer is it’s ever-changing. Anticipating, responding and evolving, adapting mediums and approaches to meet client needs. Imagine the lovely Donna, doing this, and at the same time, being a mother, a wife, and a lawyer. Recently, Donna put ‘Author’ on her list of achievements.

          Her story inspired me after we worked together on a few commercial shoots. In November, we met up and did a fantastic photoshoot for her branding! She really has such a passionate heart and mind, she was born to inspire and help people! 

          In our conversation we discuss…

          • How she became passionate about Law & why she still chooses to practice it
          • How she developed Foundstyled into a business
          • Her Passion in helping Women
          • How she found meditation helpful during lockdown 
          • Her first published chapter in a book!!!
          • What her plans are for the future
          • & so much more… I hope you like our conversation <3

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