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          Lainie Harrison of Temple Road

          Lainie is one of my best friends in the world. We grew up together, went to the same highschool, and instantly clicked. We have been on different paths, mine being photography, finding my passion and purpose when I was just a teenager & launching my business straight out of university. Lainie didn’t take that path, instead took a longer time to find her calling, and it is incredible how she stayed focused on her goal of launching Temple Road. She made the move from Melbourne to Byron Bay in June 2019, and her life has never been the same. At the same time, I moved from my childhood home to Melbourne Bayside. It’s funny how our lives have always had parallels, different stages, but always intertwined. I suppose that’s why we have maintained our friendship for over 12 years! In this Episode, we chat about how she found her passion in spiritual healing, what forms she practices on a daily & weekly basis, and what Temple Road will encompass and become.

          Her story will resonate with a lot of you, and her voice is truly calming and grounding. To be honest, it is just one of our normal phone conversations, which we did a lot in 2020 when Melbourne was in lockdown & continue to do now we live in different parts of Australia.

          In our conversation we discuss…
          • Her journey so far, how she found her passion in healing & spirituality
          • Her life in Byron Bay
          • What her vision is for Temple Road
          • What Temple Road is all about & details of the launch
          • & so much more… I hope you like our conversation <3

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