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           Tyson Bertoncello of ‘I Like Too Much’

          Tyson Bertoncello started his passion for culinary  when he was 16 years old, embarking on his first Head Chef role after deciding this would be his career. 6 years later, he created the incredible empire with his brothers, O.MY Restaurant in Beaconsfield Melbourne, winning several awards including the ‘AGFG Chefs Hat’. After a tipping point in the restaurant with his brothers, he realised he needed to embark on his own journey, so he did. He opened Car Megamart Cafe which specialised in incredible burgers, Sneaky Cheese was born soon after, a development of the burgers, and an extension of the beaconsfield pub today. After a 3 month trip to Italy, he soon discovered his true passion was in Italian Cuisine. As you can tell by his surname, it’s also a part of his heritage.

          ‘I Like Too Much’ was born in 2018, and it simply is as literal as the business name. All of the things that Tyson ‘likes too much’! Starting as a Beer, Wine & Spirits Mobile Truck, to Pinot & Pasta Classes, to an online Shop & Delivery Service during COVID. Tyson really has developed the brand to what it is known for now. The ‘Pinot & Pasta Parties’ are a big hit! Even during the lockdown in Melbourne he created online classes and did several livestreams showcasing how easy making pasta at home really is. He has created an empire, with the help of his digital marketing business & life partner, Katrina, their customers keep coming back for more! He has life experience beyond his years and it shows in the passion in his tone of voice, and his upbringing growing up surrounded by his Dads passion for growing food on the farm.

          In our conversation we discuss…

          • His first experience as Head Chef of a Restaurant at only 16 years old
          • Creating O.MY restaurant with his brothers
          • Moving onto creating his own businesses like ‘Car Megamart Cafe’ & ‘Sneaky Cheese’
          • How a trip to Italy in 2018 changed the course of his career & mindset
          • Creating ‘I Like Too Much’ & finding a huge amount of success!

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