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Episode 21: Creating a Personal Styling & Consulting Empire with Chelsea Brice

Chelsea Brice Styling

Chelsea came from a corporate background and decided in her 30s that she wanted something more. After a Google search, she stumbled on Personal Fashion Styling, signed up to the Australian Styling Institute and never looked back. Chelsea is so good at what she does, she creates a safe space for Men & Women to find their perfect wardrobes within their timeframes & budgets. During COVID, after time spent in stillness, she decided to take the leap and hire 3 new Stylists to join her team! Now there are 4 ladies who are a part of her Empire, and they are such a dream team. 

I met Chelsea while working on the AW Styling Campaign for Westfield in 2017, and we have stayed connected ever since. She is a dream to be around, and has and magnetic energy about her, with her smile, wit and humble attitude, there is no reason you won’t feel loved and appreciated around her. She also shares a top secret project that is in the works at the moment, and I am so excited for you to tune in and feel inspired by her story!

In our conversation we discuss…

  • How she found her calling in Personal Fashion Styling & Consulting
  • How Melbourne’s Lockdown created space for her to grow and find 3 Key Stylists to join her team!
  • How much fun we have on our shoots!
  • What she has been working on over the last year, launching soon!!!
  • Her Plans for the future of Chelsea Brice Styling!

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Discussion Links:
Chelsea Brice Website
Chelsea Brice Instagram
Chelsea Brice Pinterest

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