Kristy Tippett, owner of Soho Rose Farm in Dean, Victoria

Welcome to episode 8 of Blossom for Each Day Podcast. I am excited to share with you ‘Growing flowers and living your dream with Kristy of Soho Rose Farm’.

Coming from a floristry background of 10 years, and holding a passion for all-things flowers, nature and animals, I suppose the fact that Kristy started her very own Rose Farm at her husbands’ fifth family generation farm makes total sense.

Raising their children on the property in Dean Victoria Australia, and moving from Melbourne almost 4 years ago, what you would imagine as a ‘dream’ is Kristy’s reality. While her husband Brock attends to the potatoes and cattle that the farms paddocks hold, Kristy, along with her sister and her beautiful team work from the family shed that was built in 1880. The light passes through the large doorway, where the florists work to bundle the flowers each day, and for each order. The flowers are distributed directly to wholesalers, florists, and the Melbourne Flower Market. It is a family effort, and a lifestyle that is embedded in the success of the business.

Call it perfect timing, or fate… after commuting from Melbourne to Dean before her move up to the farm, Kristy saw an opportunity. The already established Soho Rose Farm in Drysdale and it’s 8000 roses were up for sale, the only problem: they had to be uprooted and transported to their new home 129km’s away!

In our conversation we discuss...

  • How Kristy’s florist background turned into a passion for flowers, and a vision to have her own Flower Farm
  • How Soho Rose Farm was established in Dean
  • Life on the farm
  • Why supporting local flower farmers is so important for the environment & more
  • The good, the hard & her dreams for the future & so much more!

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