Cass, the Creative Photographer of BDC & Adem, the mind behind it all. We fell in love, traveled the world, got married and one day decided this was what we wanted to do, together. We live for quiet moments in life. On the beach, in the forest. We are wanderers, seekers of magic. We believe that life should be cherished, documented with love, intention and reflection.

      This is us on our Wedding day in July 2019. Throughout our story, we have fallen in love with the Wedding Industry, the people, the generosity, the magic. Working endlessly to capture authentic moments that our couples will cherish forever. In search of light, creating mood in the the ever present moment. Tell us your story, lovers, we can’t wait to work with you.

      We are currently based in Chelsea, Melbourne, Australia. We regularly travel, get in touch for our travel dates in 2021.


      According to Greek mythology, humans were originally created with four arms, four legs and a head with two faces. Fearing their power, Zeus split them into two separate parts, condemning them to spend their lives in search of their other halves.

      ― Plato, The Symposium





      How did you get into Photography?

      I (Cass) started taking photographs in Highschool, first taking up 120mm analogue. I developed the film & prints in the darkroom on my own. Upon graduating, my series of work in year 12 was exhibited at the Melbourne Museum. It was at that moment I realised I wanted to do Photography as a career. Something changed within my mindset, and my ambitions were left on a high. I was inspired and committed to working hard. I went on to study a BA of Photography at Photography Studies College for 5 years, and graduated with the award of Excellence in 2015. Haven't looked back since! It's been over 12 years.

      What/Who do you enjoy photographing?

      In my personal work, I have an obsession with shooting in the forest. Sometimes going for 2-3 hour walks close to home if it's a foggy and mystical day. In my work with people/subjects I love capturing couples who are deeply in love. Mesmerised by one another. Couples who contact me because they are LOVE my work and want ME to document them. I believe authenticity can be read in photographs, I do my best to photograph people I have a connection towards, the energy is read through the camera. It is important for me to attract people that enjoy being in front of the lens as they are, authentic, real, raw, romantic, open to my direction and trust me 100%.

      What is your love story? Why Wedding Photography?

      We met at our local gym and (literally) fell in love the first time we spoke to one another. After a few weeks, we both jetted off to pre-planned holidays to Europe, and happened to meet up in Santorini. We had our first official date on the Caldera in Santorini. Romantic doesn't even cut it. 2 years later, after a lot of travel, work and adventures, we went back to Greece. We stayed in the same hotel, too. Adem asked me to marry him that night at sunset. It was all too much! After we got engaged I really dived into shooting Weddings. I suppose wherever you are in life is always a reflection of your inner experiences/feelings. We happened to fall in love and that grew into a passion for Wedding Photography organically. We recently got married, and can't wait to see what unfolds for us in the future.

      What are your hobbies other than Photography?

      We hike a lot. We travel a lot. We have a lot of friends & family around the world, and do our best to stay connected with them. We love exploring new places, meeting new people, cultures, exploring the seaside, national parks and of course, living in the ever present moment. We both enjoy staying active and living a healthy lifestyle is very important to us. Living on the beach helps I guess!

      Describe your 'ideal' Wedding to document?

      Firstly, we really like working alone, ideally without the presence of videographers, or assistants. This allows us to get into our creative way of shooting, and thinking.

      We are all about the 'real' emotions. We don't want you to (always) look at the camera. Ideally, pretend we aren't even there. It's all about the two of you, we are simply guiding you to the best light and capturing your movements.

      We do our best to guide you throughout each step of the Wedding process, esspecially when it comes to your timeline. Keep us involved in it all.

      A day that is filled with as little travel as possible, and as much fun as possible. We might steal you away from the Party at 'Golden Hour', but we promise that will be the only part of your party you will be glad you missed out on.

      What are your thoughts on same sex marriage?

      We believe everyone should have an equal right to marry who they love. We both come from religious backgrounds/upbringings, however as we have grown so have our beliefs. It doesn't really matter what gender you resonate with, and which gender you love, as long as that person loves you whole heartedly, you should be legally recognised as Mr & Mr/Mrs & Mrs/Mr & Mrs. Finally, in Australia you can! Win.