OH BABY!

          Yep. Oh Baby! Today was a good day. While we were hustling in the studio, at around 2.00pm a knock on the door startled us at our tracks.

          Recently, Cass attended a Wedding Photography Workshop hosted by the only; Jai of Free the Bird Weddings. Cass left feeling pretty-damn-inspired and we instantly made some drastic changes to the way we operate our workflow, our practice and most importantly, our fine art books.

          Cass Here. During my studies at Photography Studies College in Melbourne, I spent a semester learning how to design and make fine art books. After three years of full time study, I created 3 books, each with their own story, various stitching and finishing elements. These were all one-off print runs, and were hand stitched, bound and printed locally with love. Ever since, I have had a love affair with photobooks, and in particular books that mean something to someone.

          We call our wedding books ‘fine art’ books, because they simply ARE. Made by high quality fine art printers, and hand bound with love. Each page is overseen for quality assessment, and they even get in touch if they notice something strange with the digital file. Quality RGB printing here in Aus is hard to find, esspecially when it comes to the whole ‘finished book’ process. For our fine art prints, we directly deal with professional ( amazing husband & wife duo) Melbourne based printers. With our books however, it was difficult to find someone local, reliable (and affordable) for our couples. Thus, we decided to commit to a United States book supplier. And boy, is the investment worth every penny.

          What better way to look back at the most precious day of your life?

          We have printed a few Studio Sample books, so that we can show you how they look and feel in person. The pages of these books will last a lifetime. They are 10 x 10 inches, approximately showcasing 50 spreads. Printed on museum archival matte paper, each spread lies flat lay, finished in a cloth wrap cover and paired with personalised text of your choice. They are mighty beautiful, and designed to last for generations.

          Something to consider. It is a truly remarkable experience, which will probably leave you feeling all teary eyed when you lay eyes on it for the first, second or third time. Heck, we do, and we don’t even feature in the photographs. It’s a beautiful experience. If you’d like to learn more about our fine art books, don’t hesitate to get in touch, cassandra@blossomdaisycreative.com

          CASS & ADEM x

          Prices start at $1500.00 AUD. Inclusive of shipping, handling & GST.