As women we unite. As best friends we love, laugh and share. As sisters we do whatever it takes. Born out of a deep pact of friendship and love came SISTERLY, an initiative started by a circle of dear friends, to raise much needed funds for a beautiful woman.

      I was lucky enough to be a part of a very special initiative, SISTERLY. Pip Compton got in touch with me a little while ago about this project, and I didn’t even give it a second thought – I was in from Day 1. I really enjoy giving back to the creative community when I feel I can afford to, I think it is a crucial part of the industry. And what better chance to give back! The values and motives of SISTERLY really resonated with me, and I am proud to have supported such a special cause.

      I hope you enjoy this short story from our afternoon in the forest, creating ‘SISTERLY’.
      If you have a spare few dimes, please head over to and purchase a black singlet to support the fight against breast cancer.

      Love C x


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