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          FINE ART BOOKS

          let's break them down, one step at a time.

          FINE ART BOOK
          $1800.00 AUD

          10×10″ Fine Art Album
          30 Pages (60 Spreads)
          Your choice of;

          – cloth or basic leather cover, over 80 different colours to choose from
          – both of your names embossed/foiled on the cover, in a colour of your choice
          Feel free to visit the Office to see our cloth & colour samples.
          Price includes GST, Shipping & Handling Australia Wide.

          Each page is designed by us, for you.


          During my studies at Photography Studies College in Melbourne, I spent a semester learning how to design and make fine art books. After three years of full time study, I created 3 books, each with their own story, various stitching and finishing elements.  These were all one-off print runs and severely expensive to produce. They were hand stitched, bound and printed locally by yours truly. During this process I fell in love with photobooks, telling a story, and in particular designing books that mean something to someone.

          Posted to you.

          There is nothing like looking at your photographs in print. In your hands. It’s something that should be cherished, esspecially in todays world. I recently sat down with my grandparents and we went through their wedding album together. Although it’s seriously different to the albums I design (flat lay wedding books weren’t a thing back then), it was so remarkable to see the moments of their wedding day unfolding in my hands.

          When you come and visit us in the Office, you will get to admire a few of our sample books so that we can show you how great they look and feel in person.


          The book arrives in square format, 10 x 10 inches, and includes 30 spreads of 60 book pages, approximately showcasing 60-80 images. Printed on museum archival matte paper, each spread lies flat lay, finished in a cloth wrap/leather cover and paired with personalised embossed/foiled text of your names in a colour of your choice. Each page has a thickness of 1.00mm and is washed in a pure white tone matte paper. They are mighty beautiful, and designed to last for generations. The perfect gift for your parents, grandparents and a coffee table companion. We also offer Parent Albums with any book order.

          FINE ART KEEPSAKE BOX $300.00


          This beautiful handmade box is designed to keep your book safe and sound. It also serves as a heavy duty protectant cover, that is custom made to your liking. You choice of cloth or leather wrapping, and of course both of your names are embossed to the front cover.




          It is a truly remarkable experience, which will probably leave you feeling all teary eyed when you lay eyes on it for the first, second or third time. Heck, we do. It’s a beautiful experience. If you’d like to learn more about our fine art books, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us.