Your guide for writing an online review about me

This means so much to me, more than you will ever know. I wanted to make it nice & easy so you can do it without wasting any time or putting in much thought. Love Cass x

the last peice of your experience with me

If you write me a Review, I will give you something in the mail to say thank you

Loved working with me? Well, the last part of the process is leaving a review about your experience. You will receive something in the mail that you can enjoy on 'date night' together, out or at home. If this isn't your jam, I will send you something personal that I have learned you both love over our time in meetings or on your wedding day itself. I appreciate your time sooo much. Love Cass x

step two

step three

step one

I will get an email about your review if it's published, (google has a few rules that hide reviews)! Be sure not to copy & paste your review.

Ensure you are logged into your google account & feel free to write as much or as little as you wish. If you want to do Facebook too, the same goes!

Click the link below to write me a google review. I prefer Google over Facebook as most couples google my business name.

Google will notify me

Facebook Review

Google Review

Facebook Review

Google Review

did you love working with me & have friends getting married? Well, I also have a referral program for my past couples.

Kind words and referrals keep my business going

If you loved your experience working with me, we probably had a ball on your day altogether. You would be surprised how many couples meet me at their friends weddings! These couples end up being so special, and in 2025 onwards I want to reward you for putting my name forward to your friends.

I will send you a gift card of your choice if the couple book me in!


What should I expect the gift to be?


I like to send experiences to my couples, and this is chosen based on past questionnaires I send to you! Also what I learn about you during our meetings or on the day itself. Some past gifts have been Gold Class Vouchers, Wine Bottles, a Gift Card to your favourite restaurant, if you want to order prints – a print voucher for my shop.

How does the referral program work?


Well, it's simple. If you loved your experience working with me, and you put my name forward to any of your friends getting married, just let them know that you sent them my way. I will reach out to you via email when they book me in! It's that simple. From there, I will send you a $150.00 Gift Card of your choice.

What if my Google Review didn't work, but I can see it on my screen?


This usually happens when Google thinks you are writing spam, or maybe you have written it on Facebook already. To prevent this from happening, I always suggest writing your main review on Google (as that is the better review platform for my business), and then a short & sweet Facebook review. I will let you know of I get your review 🙂

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