Let me guess…

          You’re getting married! Congratulations, we are too!! Which means we TOTALLY understand all the pressures that come with planning a Wedding, or even planning an engagement celebration. Choosing on forever is a very exciting time in your relationship, make the most of the ‘fiancémoon’ period. It’s romantic as ever.


          Once you have spent a few days, weeks or months soaking it all in, it’s probably a good idea to chat about a timeline, or a rough date/year you’d like to get married.


          Having over 2 years experience in the Wedding Industry, and attending over 40 Weddings in that period of time, we can definitely pass on some handy information to you. Have a pen handy, press play to the tune below and read on.

          Details from our Engagement Party. I asked the beautiful Mel of Cecilia Fox to create some epic floral arrangements for us, and I borrowed some styling props from the lovely Georgie of Georgeous Occasions.  Details from our Engagement Party. I asked the beautiful Mel of Cecilia Fox to create some epic floral arrangements for us, and I borrowed some styling props from the lovely Georgie of Georgeous Occasions.


          For us, we have decided that we want to stay engaged for 3 years before we tie the knot. We both come from somewhat strict European backgrounds, and although I personally thought my parents wouldn’t be as accepting as they have been to this whole ‘boyfriend/fiancé’ thing – they have – and they have supported our decisions by 10 fold.

          Pressure, is just pressure really. You can let it affect you, or you can step away from it and just enjoy this magical ‘fiancémoon’ together. We got sick of people asking us ‘oh, that’s AGES, why so long?’ Well, there’s no hurry. We were lucky to meet while we were young, so for us, we’ve decided to focus on our careers and building a good foundation for the future. We’re going on a 3 month honeymoon, so we’re planning an intimate wedding party beforehand, it’s going to be sooooooo much fun! Stay posted 😉


          Our love story began a few weeks before we headed on an adventure to Greece. We fell in love so fast, and it was the most magical time of our lives.

          Holidays are so important in a relationship. Not only are you forced to spend every single second together, you are put into situations that open your mind, and your senses to experiences you’d generally avoid doing while you’re at home.

          There were no hesitations, or questions asked. It was simple, we knew we loved each other from the first moment we crossed paths, so a holiday put us head first into an ocean of emotions we will never forget. It also cemented that we wanted to get married one day, and start a family in the future. We established ourselves as a couple, and it’s all history from there.

          Firstly, it is important to understand WHY you’d like to get married. Getting married when the time is right is a perfect answer. Do it for YOU, and no one else. There are no rules, brush away the judgement. Be true to yourselves. Hang out with people that support your decision, and your relationship. It’s such a special time, don’t let anyone take away that sparkle.

          It is beautiful.

          every single step, thought, discussion, decision is fun, exciting, romantic, and easy.

          Now, let’s get to the crux of things.

          Step 1: Establish a timeframe, or general plan for your life together.
          When do you want to get married, and settle down? Do you both feel the same way? If not, can you resolve in a compromise? When do you want to have children? Do you even want to have children? These are crucial questions you must discuss before the Wedding Planning even begins.


          Step 2: Decide what’s most important to you.
          Is an engagement party necessary if you’re getting married within 6 months of being engaged? Probably not. What investments matter most to you? A wedding can be a God-Damn-Expensive thing, so be aware of every element involved, your desires and assess your budget often. Is it realistic for you?


          Step 3: BUDGET. BUDGET. BUDGET.
          Write it down. Get 2 – 3 quotes from every vendor. Don’t settle for anything until you are 110% passionate about what they have to offer you.

          Venues, for example, have off-peak and on-peak pricing. This is something to consider if you are on a tighter budget. You should budget with both of your combined incomes, a number that you’re happy with. Let’s be frank, a Wedding with a fab photographer, videographer, beautiful dress, custom wedding rings, a sexy suit, bridal party, a wedding stylist, a florist, venue (and all those extra things that you don’t notice until the credit card payment is due) might be more than you initially thought. And at the same time purchasing a house… it can be pretty overwhelming, esspecially if you don’t have disposable income to play with.

          Take sacrifices where necessary, ask for help if you need it, and do what YOU want to do, this is your day and it should not be a show for anyone else.


          Step 4: Decide how you want your Wedding Photographs to feel.
          This is a pretty big decision, and probably the most important. Let’s be honest, we all LOVE getting beautiful photographs, that’s what it’s all about.

          Questions & Answers to consider when you’re choosing the right photographer.What mood did you want your images to portray? Romance, feelings of candid joy and all of the emotions you have felt throughout the day. Or are you after a more traditional approach. What editing style to do you like most? Do you fancy warm tones, with little contrast and some nice B&W’s thrown into the mix. What shooting style do you like most? A soft-focus-romantic-I-was-there approach. Or a posed and constructed approach. This is important, as it directly affects the dynamics of your day. 


          Step 5: Stay on the same page as one another & look after your relationship throughout the process.
          This is important. Adem & I are on the same page about things wedding related, it’s very important to be. And it surprises me how often I come across couples who aren’t. Don’t fall into traps, stay true to what you want, and prioritise from there. At the end of a Wedding Day, the thing we realise the most, is that couples are having the best day of their lives! There are parts of the process that are stressful at times, but this does not mean it shouldn’t be fun at all times. Look after yourself, and your relationship. Be kind to one another, go on a date (even if it’s at home), plan the exciting things together, split the workload, and learn from other peoples mistakes. Talk to your friends who have had Weddings. Reach out to your clients, strangers, literally anyone! You’ll be surprised what people are willing to share.

          I hope this short guide has helped you digest your thoughts in some way. If you would like to chat further about your Wedding Plans with me, please reach out on: cassandra@blossomdaisycreative.com

          Love Cass x