Hi, my name is Cass, I am a Melbourne Photographer, with over 10 years of experience in my industry. I introduce to you my new Podcast, ‘Blossom For Each Day’. Sharing with you authentic conversations with creative business owners, among the likes of stylists, florists, fellow photographers, and entrepreneurs who have channeled their mindset into manifesting success. I can’t wait to share more with you.

          You can find me on:
          Instagram @blossomdaisycreative
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          Coming Soon…
          1: My experience Studying a Creative Degree & Quotes to Live By

          2: The Process of Rebirth, Healing & Doing What You Love with Pip Howard

          3: Executing Photography and Videography Successfully & How To Find Your Style with Andrew Hardy

          4: Creating an Empire with your Sister, the CEOs of Dot Dot Dash

          5: Conceptual Photography, Running a Winery & Lessons in Motherhood with Emma McEvoy