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Wedding – Let’s talk about doing a First Look! Tips and Advice from a Melbourne Wedding Photographer

Let's talk First Looks! From personal experience & my couples feedback, the most common answer post ceremony is... 'I am so thankful we did a First Look!' When Adem & I got married in 2019, I knew that for us, breaking all the rules of tradition was going to be our style. Growing up with Greek & Bosnian heritages, and having opposite religions, this was a no-brainer. We were going to have a civil ceremony, and do things our own way. You can see our first look in the slides below.

Look at a Wedding Galleries with a First Look here:
Jess & Dave's First Look
Anne & Matthews First Look

If it suits you & your vision for the day, you gain:
– Less nerves during your Ceremony & Vows!
This one is a big one, and most of my couples say this was such a major win of doing a First Look.

– More time with your bridal party (if you have one) or with your guests (for winter or summer weddings)!
YES! Also a major win and why most couples will opt for a First Look. It enables you to get a bulk of the portraits done before your Ceremony, this works great for winter or summer weddings as the time spent with guests is maximised.

– It enables you to make the most of your time with your creative vendors (more photos/video content)
This may or may not suit you, but what a huge win either way, as you get more content. More bang for your buck! Photographers and videographers get excited about First Looks because of all the opportunity it brings to telling the story of the couples day. It allows us to build a lovely narrative, as we have more time and space to get creative. It is usually less rushed and therefore we can do things we may not usually try during a shorter portrait session.

I have a few reels about this too, you can see one here 😎💘🫶

Steph & Lukes Melbourne Garden Group First Look! Which is also something popular if you have a Bridal Party and want them included in the fun! You can see their full gallery here. Also featured on together journal.

I hope this blog post helped you decide on if a First Look is something you would opt for on your special day. You can see my work on my website: www.blossomdaisycreative.com

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