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Why working with a dedicated team on Photography & Videography for your wedding is game changing!

Choosing the creatives you work with on your wedding is a BIG deal. It's probably one of your highest ticketed items when it comes to investment. But let's be honest - money doesn't make your decision easier or harder: it's the value you receive with your vendors that makes it worthwhile.

I now offer Photography & Videography Bundled Packages to our couples for this exact reason. I have been offering Highlight Films since 2021, but recently I have noticed a trend in my enquiries: couples are after a photo & video package for consistency and value. Not only do you receive the images you expect from me, but your video and the end results of the moving parts of your day also seamlessly blend together, you have a ball with us on your day & the planning experience is 10x easier as your point of contact is: ME!

You can find my work on: www.blossomdaisycreative.com
Watch Julynn & Cedrics Wedding Highlight Film that we captured below:

Why bundling your Photo & Video team is a great idea!

  • Seamless Wedding Planning: Working with someone like me means that I will assist you in planning your perfect wedding timeline for the best result of photos & video! My dedicated videographers will be working with my brief, and we will be working towards the same end goal, for you! It's a no brainer to work with a team who aligns, and works on the same timeline from the very beginning of the day to the end of the night.
  • Cohesive Vision: A dedicated team is used to working together. We anticipate each other's needs, communicate effectively, and move around one another seamlessly. This translates to less disruption for you and your guests & yourself, ensuring a smooth flow throughout the day. We are also working towards the same brief with the same style and approach in mind.
  • A Great Investment: Of course it's known: you save money!! Duh. Also, you gain so much value knowing that you will be discussing your wedding plans to my team at all times. By getting to know you both over dinner, I will be on top of your wedding plans, wants and desires. You can trust us to add value to your day in more ways than you know! In my Photography & Videography bundled package you get: 6 Hours of Coverage (photo & video) for $8500. This includes a 3-4min Highlight Film, 10-12min Feature Highlight Film showcasing glimpses of your Vows & Speeches, 3x 35mm rolls of film, a print box delivered to your doorstep, dinner with me get to know eachother before your special day & of course all the in between discussions over email/phone. You will feel safe, prepared and excited leading up to your wedding!

You can read more about my packages here.

Get in touch today about your wedding using the Enquiry Form above. I would love to hear from you! See another Photo & Video Gallery here.

Love Cass x

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