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          TUAN & KATHY

          Oh my goodness... we love the pics!! They look amazing. You captured our joy and love at its purest. Thank you so very much for being our photographer on our wedding day, you have made our experience unforgettable! We love what you bring to your work and we believe our wedding memories are a very special gift from you. We love who you are, you're just so fun to be with! Thank you so much Cass, you made our day extra special.


          OSCAR & BRONTE

          Cass we don't know what to say! You were our favourite part of the day. Your kindness and spirit was just incredible. I had so so many guests say how divine you were. We are both just so thankful. These photos are amazing, my heart just exploded when I got them. You are just a beautiful, talented soul and we love you.


          LISELLE & TYSON

          Wow ... thanks so much Cass, what a treat to see some of your amazing photos, they are beautiful. You truly have such talent and we couldn't have made a better decision choosing you as our photographer to capture our wedding day. Thanks for being so accommodating with all our family photos. Your bubbly and sweet personality won all of our family and friends over, and so many people commented on how lovely you were. You also made our portrait shots so light-hearted and enjoyable and went out of your way to make us feel comfortable. We really appreciate all that you did to make the day even more special.


          JODY & JOE

          Cass! We stocked with all of our pies ... we just love them! You have literally captured our whole day in pictures! That probably sounds silly & you might be like ''yeah duh'' but it just brought the whole day back to us & it will be so amazing to have these memories forever. I can't wait to take my time in looking again, start picking our favorites. They are definitely not your standard wedding shots & we just love that. Anyway, thanks again for being so amazing on the day & for all the hard work you put into our gallery.