Tips and Advice on how to make the most of your special day. Advice on Videographers. Breakdown a First Look. Timeline Assistance. Direction of the Sun. Reception/Party Advice. How to handle Family Portraits. Meal time.


          Firstly, you may not want a videographer, this is totally up to you.

          I do however, think that if you choose to have one document your day, be sure they align with my approach, and style. I cannot stress enough how important this is. If you are interested in my work, I am sure you’re in love with my documentary style, and the candid moments I capture.

          Sasha – www.aperturastudios.com.au is my personal favourite to work with. He doesn’t step in, no tripod in the aisle, he documents quietly, like me. We both bounce off one another perfectly, and our couples have said how much they loved our similar creative approaches. Choose wisely!

          THE FIRST LOOK

          Something different, and an element that may or may not be right for you.

          This usually happens before the Ceremony, and is a great way to calm your nerves, and  spend more time with your guests! We can choose a special spot, and get the Bridal Party together before you walk down the aisle. It’s romantic, intimate, and soothing. We will spend 15 minutes doing this, with a small shoot thereafter, and Family Portraits if you’d like to cross these off your list earlier in the day. A great way to spend more time with your guests, rather than sneaking off for portraits after your ceremony.


          Let’s work on this together. Keep me informed, or importantly, ask me questions about the timing of your day, esspecially if you aren’t working with a Wedding Planner. The timing of things directly influences the quality of light during your portraits, or Ceremony. I’d also love to take you out for some portraits during “Magic Hour”. These are always the most special moments of the day… it’ll be worth sneaking away for 10 minutes. Oscar & Bronte got married at 10.00am because their favourite beach spot was in the shade.


          To put it simply; the direction of the Sun affects the quality of light. Take into consideration where you will be standing and walking, during crucial moments of your day, i.e Ceremony. It’s always best if the Sun comes in from behind, or from the side, at a low angle. This means that it’s either best to have a morning ceremony, or afternoon ceremony (after 4.30pm in daylight savings time). If this is unavoidable, choose a location in the shade or indoors with available natural light. Kirsten & Ben chose to have a 5.00pm Ceremony to avoid harsh light & glare for themselves and guests.


          Consider this… do you think an introduction is necessary? Personally, I don’t. Keep it simple if you decide to have one! Yes you should be the ‘focus’ of the day of course, but you can do an introduction when the formalities start. Not having the opportunity to mingle with your guests when we get back from our portrait session is an odd thing that a lot of Venues in Melbourne seem to push. I don’t understand why really. Don’t you want to spend time with your guests during canapés?

          It also allows means there’s more of a chance your schedule will be delayed. No intro = no delays = more time with your guests = more photos = we all finish on time, with no stress or overtime needed. Consider it. You’ll thank me later.

          Get the formalities out of the way sooner, rather than later. Split the speeches in brackets, cut your cake and have your first dance in between.


          It’s best to keep this short & sweet.

          I do my best to make this process fast & efficient. I will ask you for a Family Portrait List, and advise you choose only immediate family members. The reason being, we only have limited time, and these are the photographs you might want to print, or frame in the future. Parents, Siblings and Grandparents should be your priority, and of course, if we have plenty of time we can add on besties, overseas guests or family friends.

          If you choose to have a ‘first look’, we can also do Family Portraits during this time, which leaves you more time to enjoy the company of your guests after your Ceremony. A cute moment during Gemma & Jacob’s Family Portraits.


          Portrait time is my favourite time.

          It’s usually the first moment you get to spend alone. It’s really special, and something we should work on together. We can work on what locations you’d like to go to, depending on the venue of course. Some venues have some magical portrait spots as they are! For example, Stones of the Yarra Valley, or Tanglewood Estate.

          Depending on your venue/location, I generally allocate 45 minutes for this. The best time to schedule your portraits are during ‘golden hour’, which is around 7.00pm during daylight savings & 4.30pm during winter. Emma & Casey during their reception at ‘Magic Hour’.

          MEAL TIME

          If this is the only point that you take into consideration from my recommendations, I would be so grateful. It’s SO important to stress to your Venue/Caterers, to feed your suppliers to eat at the same time as you!

          There are only a handful of Venues in Melbourne that do this, and I am genuinely confused that it’s not an industry norm.

          We haven’t eaten all day, but not only that, during your meal time is the only time we have a break. Ideally, it would be great to eat at the same time as you, not after you, so that we don’t miss any special moments. I put my camera down while guests are eating. Win/Win!